Eberron Paragon

A Rumor Has It...

The Ashar Exploration company heard rumors of a powerful dragon shard in the metropolis. Dead-Eye was contacted by some old contacts from the Black 9’s in meeting his old boss Tenaka for dinner at the Ritz sparing no expense. Trying to get though the crowd of groupies at the hotel lobby for Kel the group finally managed to get to the dining hall exclusively for the private dinner. Seeing Tenaka’s thugs guarding the entrance, they looked confused and said that they thought we were already in there. Obviously not, after needless convincing from Dead-Eye the guards let them in.

Origin Story of the Ashar Exploration Company

Sometimes beings come together with a clear goal and sometimes they come together by happenstance or sheer luck. This group of eclectic individuals are really a concoction of business, wanderlust, and even heroism. From recalling stories from Clank, Lady Janna, Dead-Eye, and Kel Savage each one had differences but also had this sense that they belonged together, for what purpose? That’s is something that historians and storytellers to discuss in books or over strong ale for years to come.

What is generally known is that Clank was at the helm of the ship the RQ-3 DarkStar, escaping the unexplained annihilation of Metrol, the capital city of Cyre. With his crew mostly mortal and in pieces, Clank and his trusty constructs managed to fly out of harms way, but being severely damaged, the DarkStar crashed some miles off the coast of the City of Towers. Surviving the crash and literally putting his body back together Clank noticed a goblin sifting through the wreckage. Observing this goblin, he noticed that he was a most unusual goblin. Once his anger passed he realized that this peculiar goblin actually knew intricate parts names, and even mumbled improvements under his nasty breath. Hours passed and both knew they had kinship of ships, parts, gears, etc. Deciding that this goblin known as Dead-Eye, had some mechanical acumen and skills, and some gumption, Clank agreed to let him have some parts as long as he could help repair the DarkStar. Dead-Eye, always loving a challenge, with help from Clank and his efficient AUX constructs repaired the ship with spare parts from the wreckage and even wood and sap from the trees. With blood, sweat, and oil this crew got the DarkStar up and running after a month or so. Barely reaching the airports of the City of Towers they had more time and better equipment to really get the DarkStar in top shape. Clank and Dead-Eye utilized the DarkStar, making good coin for enhancements and upkeep by making special “deliveries” to nearby cities, islands, and even a ancient lost city inside an active volcano!

During a routine stop to Kalhoon, a kind of pirate/smuggler city they visited their favorite drinking hole “Ales & Oil”. Ales & Oil is kind of a cantina meets garage for the mechanically inclined to share stories and repair anything they need. After a couple of head-bangers, a strong whiskey drink mixed with a drop of crude oil, Dead-Eye and Clank were told about this musician who wanted to remain anonymous but could pay handsomely. Jezzie the Red, the owner of Ales & Oil walked Dead-Eye and Clank to her bedroom upstairs. Coming to find out she and this dragonborn fella had a wild night he requested the best ship to take him out of Kalhoon as fast as possible. Having an idea who this guy was Clank and Dead-Eye agreed to sneak him onboard immediately seeing gold in their near futures. They were heading back to the City of Towers anyway, just had to make a couple pickups near Port Kale. Revealing himself to Clank, Dead-Eye, and the crew the one and only rockstar Kel Savage was on the DarkStar! Soon Kel really got accustomed to this smuggler lifestyle, and enjoyed some downtime from his previous profession. Although he missed being surrounded by groupies, having a different purpose away from his band and manager inspired him in writing some new tunes. The DarkStar crew loved it, kept the ship duties light and Kel even got the crew singing or whistling his songs. The three remained busy for the next several months and even made some additions to the DarkStar, including a hot tub, groupies included! Making various deliveries and traveling all over Khorvaire they made new friends and enemies.

Upon one such job a rather wealthy woman from the prestigious political family, the Ashar’s, happened to inquire about that very same ship that Clank and Dead-Eye constructed. The offer was more than substantial for the use of the DarkStar. Finally the deal was final under certain conditions. That Clank was lead helmsman, Dead-Eye would be gunner and lead ship engineer, Kel Savage the official entertainer/diplomat, and lastly they were minor partners in Lady Jannas company. The Ashar Exploration Company was hence named and some would say was really born in that very moment. The main purpose, as explained by Lady Janna, was to recover long lost Dragon shards across the continents.


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