Dead-Eye Mudblood

Dead-Eye Mudblood - bounty hunter that never misses his mark, fascinated with all things deadly and mechanical, yearns to be a world traveller.

Never fitting in, always looking for trouble, and being an unusual goblin Dead-Eye of the Mudblood clan knew he needed to escape the drudgery and trivial existance of his kind. Being highly adept at sneaking and avoiding attention he escaped onto the Sea Dancer a trading ship from this “City of Towers” he’s heard about. With his bag of tricks and lucky wrench and screwdriver “Flotsam & Jetsam” he enjoyed the seaspray tickling his long nose and the smell of freedom! No clan leader to answer to, no tedious raids on the same goblin clans for scraps, Dead-Eye knew then to never look back and see what this world really had to offer a crafty goblin such as he. Eventually reaching the City of Towers, he learned the best way to get around and not getting killed or arrested was to keep to the shadows. Doing this he discovered the places a metropolis has to offer a rascal like himself, the wealthy disctricts, the slums, the markets, and the underground community that welcomed such with his skillset. At an early age Dead-Eye knew he had a talent of fixing and building things. Being fascinated with gears, wheels, springs and getting grease everywhere were everyday occurences with Dead-Eye. Dead-Eye also knew at an early age he could hit things from long distances with most deadly accuracy. Shooting a bow, throwing a stone, or even utilizing this new technology of “guns”, nothing could escape his killshot. He even designed his lethal rifle equipped with a scope he affectionately calls “Daisy”. Skulking around the city, noticing a lost button here, a footprint in the sewage nothing could escape once Dead-Eye had his mark. The gritty underground afforded Dead-Eye a decent living and thrills to boot. Being a bounty hunter for a few years, he definitely earned a reputation and was offered numerous jobs that luckily brought him to differenct locations throughout the world. This is what truly inspired him to keep travelling and be part of something more meaningful than hunting down the next distant cousin of some such family for gold. Exploring the world, possibly in his own airship, built by his own hands are dreams that keep this goblin’s goldtooth wicked grin smiling.

Dare a goblin to dream

Recalling a few moments during Dead-Eye’s career…

There have been more than a few sticky situations that Dead-Eye escaped with his life, while making a profit. There was the time that he was employed by the Black 9’s mob to do a hit for an ex-informant to the mob boss Tenaka. The old employee Buzzlegrin, a rather crafty half-orc wizard, was on the run because he stole some prized gems that if correctly placed would open Tenaka’s vault. The job was simple, retrieve the gems, and kill Buzzlegrin. It was a chase across the continent, but once Dead-Eye has his mark he never misses! This hunt led him to the misty jungles of Chuuta. Buzzlegrin managed to change his name, identity, and even his race through bribes and sorcery. Through Dead-Eye’s contacts and the Black 9’s coin he found the sorcerer who changed Buzzlegrin into a human. Now a human, Buzzlegrin was acting as the witch-doctor “Motlock” for a cannibalistic tribe of humans that worshipped the demon-god Kali. For two weeks Dead-Eye studied his marks sleeping habits, eating habits, ritual times, special hiding place for the gems, and even his usual midnight pissing outside his hut. The eve before the ritual and eventual killshot, during Motlock’s midnight “stroll” Dead-Eye used his stealth skills to sneak inside the hut and locate the gems. Cleverly fitted into the witch doctor’s ornate headdress of skulls and feathers, Dead-Eye pryed the gems off and replaced them with exact replicas to avoid suspicion, never can be too careful! The next morning began the dark ritual to the demon-god known as Kali. The tribe had numerous captives that were being cooked and sacrificed to the ever hungry Kali. There was a giant sized cauldron the size of an elephant that was boiling with the blood, guts, and bones of the numerous captives. Buzzlegrin or Motlock was stirring this grotesque, mystical stew for Kali, while the tribe danced in ecstasy for two days straight. Through all the dancing, singing, and screaming during the final night. Dead-Eye placed the perfect killshot to Motlock’s head. Falling directly into the cauldron no one seemed to notice until that damned Kali showed up from the cauldron itself and pointed directly at Dead-Eye with his bloated finger. In some unknown demon tongue it screamed while the tribe acting as one with the demon pursued the goblin through the dense jungle of Chuuta. Being a goblin, running away wasn’t anything new, and with his stanima and sneaky skills he managed to get off the island with relative ease. Climbing on his carefully hidden raft Dead-Eye paddled to the awaiting merchant ship “Persephone” owned by the Black 9’s. Something told Dead-Eye though it’s wasn’t the wisest choice pissing off a demon-god, especially one like Kali, oh well add him to the list!

Recalling another adventure with Dead-Eye brought him to the cold watery depths of the Barren Sea to the north. The search party was in search of a fallen airship named the Red Talon. This particular ship was the research base for an archeologist named Rochet Bran. Rochet was researching a lost group of islands in the frigid waters of the Barren Sea. Employed by the search and rescue team for the university that Professor Bran worked for, Dead-Eye along with his team had a most unpleasant surprise. With the teams wizards casting water breathing spells, copious amounts of lard to withstand the subzero temperature, and the use of specially designed swimming fins, the team swam to the bottom of the supposed crash site. Although the search was very strenuous the team found the Red Talon or what was left of it. The team managed to uncover Rochet’s research journals and various tools, but no skeletal remains of his research team or the professor. Upon the second day of recovery, the team and ship were savagely attacked by some sort of giant shark the size of dragon! One of the more studious wizards called it a Megalodon, but claims there wasn’t any evidence of existence until now. Screaming orders the ships Captain Tully and crew were readying an attack upon the beast. Climbing the scarecrow of the ship Dead-Eye was looking for a perfect position to target the shark. Sailors falling overboard into the jaws of death, wizards casting fireballs inside the beasts bloody maw, Dead-Eye made two perfect shots into the devil’s eye of the beast penetrating the brain and killing the sea-devil. Not taking all the credit but greatly appreciating the praise from the mostly human crew, Dead-Eye’s pride swelled and proved that not all goblins are cowards. The crew spent another three days repairing the ship and taking the whole skeleton of the Megalodon back to the university for research and display in the museum. In fact if you visit the museum you’ll see that Dead-Eye Mudblood is credited in the slaying of said beast. To this day Dead-Eye can see the cold black eye of death staring at him right before he pulled the trigger.

Dead-Eye Mudblood

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